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I’m a just bit underwhelmed after watching last night’s SAG Awards. From the collective “Who let those guys back in?” groan (re: The Sopranos winning everything), to the part in the middle where something meaningful was taking place but I fell asleep, to a Tom Cruise sighting during which he barely raised his voice, let alone sounded wacko… it all evoked a big “meh” from me. Better make that a big “blërg,” in honor of SAG winner and lover of lunch Liz Lemon (and, of course, our own Dawnie Walton). The ceremony wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t awesome, aside from Daniel Day-Lewis’ speech and Angelina’s boob almost falling out on the red carpet. We’re sorry to those (two) of you who wanted a live blog; instead, here are PopWatch’s highly subjective Best and Worst moments of the evening…


Jane Krakowski’s dress (pictured). It looked like Dippin’ Dots.

• Quote of the night, from Tina Fey: “You’ve just given an award to a hat rack.”

• Lifetime-achievement-award recipient Charles Durning redeeming himself (and Burt Reynolds’ pushiness) by greeting his microphone: “Hello, mic!” Then, during his standing O, Durning’s wheelchair-bound wife apologetically mouthing, “I can’t get up!” It was pretty sweet.

• Daniel Day-Lewis’ speech was just perfect. He talked about daring to “go back into the arena one more time, with longing and self-doubt jostling in the balance,” and then somehow easily segued his way into a tribute to Heath Ledger, citing him as one actor whose work inspired a sense of regeneration in him. “In Monster’s Ball, that character that he created seemed to be almost like an unformed being, retreating from himself, his father, this life — even us, and yet we wanted to follow him.” Powerful stuff, and so classy.

• Tina Fey, Jenna Fischer, and Julie Christie all alluded to the WGA strike in support of writers and out-of-work production crews during their acceptance speeches.

• Javier Bardem looked — and sounded — so hot.

Honorable Mention: Ruby Dee’s glasses

Check out the evening’s worst moments after the jump.

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• “My name is ____, and I am an actor.” What is this, AA?

• A digital image of Alec Baldwin won Best Actor in a Comedy Series. Ditto Queen Latifah, Kevin Kline.

• Justin Chambers’ future is so bright he needs shades indoors.

• Josh Brolin, your team just won! There’s no need to bully us.

• Having to do a double-take each time the announcer said “Welcome back to the SAG Awards. Here’s Blair Underwood!” got tiring.

• Debbie Matenopoulos called Jenna Fischer “Julie” on the redcarpet. (FYI: Jenna was a complete doll about it, but should havesaid something like “Thanks, Daria” while walking away.)

• The Debster also made a vaguely unintelligible and definitelyoffensive comment to Judith Light and Michael Urie. Something like “Soyou’d rather be a nanny than a nurse?” What? (The dumbfounded looks ontheir faces almost made this a Best Moment.)

Honorable Mention: Nikki Blonsky screaming “OUR MOVIE! EVERYBODY LIKE IT?” Yikes.

List your own favorite-and-not moments, below.

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