Filled with dread and pastry products, Slezak and I welcomed two of the new American Gladiators, Wolf and Crush, to the office last week. We knew for certain that we didn’t “have what it takes,” but figured they could at least attempt to train us via some office-appropriate challenges. Here’s what went down.

Part 1: What’s in a name? Not a lot of thought, actually, if the ones you choose are Fuel and Cupcake.

After the jump: Watch Fuel and Cupcake tell Wolf and Crush to bring it.

Part 2: Style & Sound Effects. Wolf clearly wishes he was wearing Fuel’s ’80s-inspired spandex leggings.

Part 3: Office Challenges. Please note that the “Wolfpack” hand signal/high five disaster between Wolf and Cupcake easily qualifies as one of the most awkward moments in history.

Do Cupcake and Fuel deserve to be gladiators or WHAT?

P.S. Crush rules.

Strange Bedfellows
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