The Foo Fighters canceled two shows this week when singer Dave Grohl came down with the flu. Battling a 101-degree fever, Grohl took to the band’s web site to announce that tonight’s concert in Fayetteville, AR, and tomorrow’s at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, will be postponed. “Laying [sic] here in my Nashville hotel room, sick as a dog, but I had to write you all something, because anyone who knows this band knows we RARELY ever cancel gigs,” Grohl wrote. “Someone’s gotta be pretty thrashed in order for that to happen. Well, yours truly is down for the count. Big time. The last thing in the world I want to do is jump up on stage and give you guys some half-ass version of what a Foo’s show is all about. That’s just not fair. And, it would break my heart.” According to the band’s rep, upcoming stops in Reno (Feb. 1) and Oakland (Feb. 2) are still on, and they fully intend to make up the canceled dates.

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