Credit: Amy Sancetta/AP Photo

In the hit-and-miss-and-miss world of Sundance, it practically goes without saying that sometimes an interview can be way (way) better than the movie it’s for. And such was the case with The Year of Getting to Know Us. Starring Jimmy Fallon, Tom Arnold, Sharon Stone, Illeana Douglas, Lucy Liu, and Tony Hale (Arrested Development), it’s about a sad-sack New York City writer (Fallon) who returns to his childhood home in Florida after his golf-loving lout of a father (Arnold) suffers a stroke. The film itself… well, let’s just say it leaves a great deal to be desired. But from the first question I asked Fallon — who started our Q&A solo and was shortly joined by Arnold, Douglas and writer-director Patrick Sisam — this freewheeling convo was one of the most entertaining I’ve had since I arrived in Park City. After the jump, I’ll give you the highlights, as the rest of it was so difficult to make out — what with all the cross-talk and laughter — that a full transcript of it was nigh impossible.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How long have you been here for?
JIMMY FALLON: I just got in, like, an hour ago. So I’m still excited. I’ve never been here before. Where’s Robert Redford?

EW: He’s not around a lot.
FALLON: He doesn’t come by? I wanted to play Cranium with him or something! Is it not that intimate?

EW: I don’t think so.
FALLON: It’s gone commercial, hasn’t it? Gosh.

EW: What were your expectations?
FALLON: Oh, a lot of fur, a lot of weird hats. I got these hiking boots on.

EW: The film’s set mostly in Florida — did you actually film there?
FALLON: Yeah. Dude, I was in Florida for so long. I was local at a couple of the bars. They know my name like Cheers over there. We went to Jacksonville. It’s definitely a different scene.

EW: A lot of golf there.
FALLON: Yeah, I got into the golf scene. That’s my thing now.

[Sisam, Arnold, and Douglas join the conversation]

TOM ARNOLD: Do you have a spray tan on, Jimmy?
FALLON: No, it’s a legit tan.
ARNOLD: Where’d you get it?
FALLON: I went to Palm Desert [in California]. I was at the Bob Hope classic.
ARNOLD: Wow. Did you do some meth?
FALLON: I did. I did peyote. Went to Joshua Tree. Found myself.
ARNOLD: How did the Bob Hope Classic go?
FALLON: It was classic.
ARNOLD: Who was on your team?
FALLON: Anthony Anderson and Thomas Gibson. It was fun. There’s a crowd of 500 people watching you golf. And my golf game is so bad, I couldn’t really be embarrassed. But if you were a decent golfer, you’d be so embarrassed.

EW: So I was talking to Jimmy about how this is his very first Sundance, and you, Tom, have been Mr. Sundance this year with three films here, this one, Good Dick, and The Great Buck Howard. What advice can you impart to Jimmy here about the festival?
ILLEANA DOUGLAS: He’s the indie queen.
ARNOLD: I am. Pace yourself. Your first day here, tonight at the party, get some kind of vitamin thing here for tomorrow morning when you wake up. The hang-overs are horrible — even if you don’t drink. I’ve been here a long time, and when you start knowing all the local drunks, then you’ve been here too long.
FALLON: Dude, you’re a good man. Kept us laughing on the set.
PATRICK SISAM: That’s why I put him in a coma for as much as possible.
FALLON: Even in a coma, you were making jokes! He was making his heart-rate go up to 69! [Laughing] I swear to God, dude. He had a [heart-rate monitor] on his finger, and he said, “Look at the heart monitor,” and I look at the heart monitor and he kept it at 69. [To Arnold] How did you do that?!
ARNOLD: My [resting] heart-rate’s normally about 45, 50. But then [the actress playing the nurse] came in and I started thinking about her — and I stopped at 69. I was at 230 when Illeana and I were making out.
FALLON: Remember when you had to do the audio of you having sex? But you were doing it standing up —
ARNOLD: No no no, here’s what happened! [The others start laughing] We started making out for real [during the recording], and [Patrick] didn’t want us to! I go, “Dude, this is a free pass! I’m married still!”
FALLON: Just for the audio.
ARNOLD: You had to make it real!
DOUGLAS: Patrick was saying, “That’s not what you sound like when you have sex!” How do you know?! Then we started having this really esoteric argument about what people sound like when they have sex.
SISAM: My hotel room was next to Tom’s while we were filming. I know exactly what it sounds like.
FALLON: It’s my cell-phone ring now!