Continuing a Sundance tradition begun by Corey the Bartender last year (hi, Corey!), I’m proud to give the floor to this year’s cocktail maker, napkin giver, and all-around good guy, Jimmy the Bartender. Please devote your full attention to what he has to say (after the jump), and if you’ve got questions, leave them in the comments — he’d be glad to follow up with you. From Meg Ryan to Diddy, Anjelica Huston to the Young@Heart crowd, this guy’s seen (and cleaned up after) it all.

“Hello all, Jimmy Haas here (no relation), the lucky one chosen tobartend the EW Photo Studio and Lounge. I have been caught up in awhirlwind of excitement the past nine days, making drinks, placingsnacks, and yakking it up with the who’s who of this year’s SundanceFilm Festival. I have to admit if you told me this time last year Iwould be working at Sundance I would have called you crazy.

The Festival started and ended with an almost nonstop ushering-in ofcelebrities and publicists looking for swag — and the bathroom key — butcoming away with an experience (and at least one stolen iPod). I amnot in a position to say whether one celebrity was better than another,because let’s face it: Being at the festival is more business thanpleasure. I did receive compliments for my stiff drinks, i.e. bloodymarys (right, Whitney?) and my “world famous” hot chocolate, for whichI owe all credit to the Swiss Miss Company. I just added water.

I was unsure if I was going to make it through the early morningsand the long days, but I was aided in the fact that I was able to workside by side with the wonderful people from Entertainment Weekly. Theyhave been like a temporary family, a dysfunctional family at that, butwhat is normal? Just joking, EW, I wouldn’t want to spend two weeks ofmy life with anyone else, unless I had the opportunity to hang out withJudd Apatow and his crew, because they are on fire right now.

Well, Whitney is dropping subtle hints that I need to wrap this upso I appreciate all the people that took the time out to read thisentry, thank you. It really has been an enjoyable experience for me tobe here at Sundance in the mix of all the excitement and I have comeaway with a list of movies I would like to see. So once again thankyou for reading this post. Unfortunately, the time it has taken you toread it has raised my time of fame closer to that dread max of 15minutes. What does next year have in store??”

Who knows, Jimmy. Now fix mommy her special drink.