Seven days in entertainment -- Last week's biggest events including the Sundance Film Festival, the premiere of Hannah Montana's concert movie, and more

By EW Staff
Updated January 25, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

An arctic blast tore through the movie biz last week: In Sundance’s chilly sphere (it’s freezing in Park City, Utah), film stars bundled up to pimp their projects. Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston braved the cold by cozying up on the set of their new movie. But our vote for the week’s coolest celeb goes to Jerry O’Connell, who does a mean Tom Cruise.

The Mane Event
This well-coiffed crew definitely put their stylists to work: On Jan. 17, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus was flanked by the Jonas Brothers band, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, at the after-party for the premiere of her film Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. It’ll hit theaters for a one-week engagement on Feb. 1. When asked about appearing as herself and alter ego Hannah Montana on stage, Miley said, ”I definitely like performing as both. But it’s really fun when you get to go out and do your thing and be yourself. That’s the coolest part of being in my show.”

Totally Bot-On
Meet WALL-E, the lone remaining earthly being who holds the key to our planet’s future in Pixar’s eponymous animated movie (out June 27).

Web Obsession of the Week
Among the bevy of clips parodying Tom Cruise’s long-winded Scientology sell, Jerry O’Connell’s dead-on impression captures the original’s essence with boldly maniacal accuracy. Choice line: ”For me it’s all about KFC. It’s just good chicken!” (


Hugging it Out
There’s no hibernation for an elated Felicity Huffman, who gave a wraparound hello to Phoebe in Wonderland costar Patricia Clarkson at the movie’s Jan. 20 Sundance premiere.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston are spied on the Vancouver set of their new comedy, Traveling. She plays a hotel florist, while Eckhart’s a self-help expert and widower.

Sitting Pretty
Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker went west for the premiere of his comedy Diminished Capacity. Parker was also in town to promote her comedy Smart People.