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Feedback from our readers

Land of the Lost
It would’ve been a travesty had you not put Lost on the cover of your Winter TV Preview. It is the most intriguing concept on network TV.
Todd Derderian
Brighton, Mass.

Matthew Fox is the main reason I plan to watch Lost again after such a long hiatus. He truly came across as genuine and down-to-earth in your interview (Winter TV Preview).
David Fritz
Melrose Park, Ill.

I’m disappointed your preview left out the show I’m most excited about: Psych. It may not feature backstabbing contestants or fabulous outfits, but it’s one of the most refreshing shows out there. Maybe a fake psychic is just too normal.
Jennifer Meacham
Southgate, Mich.

Hallowed Hal
Thanks for ”’Wild’ Man Blues,” about Hal Holbrook. In the early ’70s, I was a lonely kid struggling with my sexual identity. But I watched Holbrook fearlessly play a gay man in the TV movie That Certain Summer — it was the first time I saw anything on television that gave me some insight.
Steve Woollett
Fort Lauderdale

I read your Hal Holbrook story with great interest. Thirty-seven years ago, I was working at a Maryland theater where Holbrook performed Mark Twain Tonight! As I helped him prepare for the show, we chatted about life and his career. Whenever I see him in films or on TV, I recall my encounter with a true gentleman and a giant in his chosen field.
Stephanie Kerby
Woodbine, Md.

Bio Graphics
I was elated to read ” The Amazing Adventures of a Comic-Book Kid.” I too had my comics confiscated by my parents, but my devotion never wavered. I still take out my box of comics yearly to relive my childhood.
Nathan Zee

This article gave me a sense of déjà vu: In high school, I wrote a paper on the literary importance of comics. Jeff Jensen is a man after my own geek heart!
Patricia Muniosguren
San Mateo, Calif.

Lord of the Dance
I’m so glad you finally paid attention to James Marsden (Spotlight). As Corny Collins, he stole every scene of Hairspray he was in. And my 10-year-old son could not believe that was X-Men‘s Cyclops shaking a leg on screen!
Chandra McClure
Lindsborg, Kan.

Sci Fie!
Mark Harris thinks that there are no new sci-fi ideas (The Final Cut)? In my sci-fi collection, you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds, of novels with compelling concepts that are easily adaptable to the silver screen. The problem is not a lack of ideas, it’s finding producers, writers, and directors who have the courage to use the existing ideas.
Colin Toenjes
Norman, Okla.

CORRECTION The fraternity in ABC Family’s Greek is Kappa Tau (Winter TV Preview).