Candid commentary from Heath Ledger -- A sampling of EW interviews with the late star on his roles in ''Brokeback Mountain'' and ''The Dark Knight''

EW interviewed Ledger many times over the years, and his voice always came through loud and clear. A sampling.

”I hadn’t been in front of a camera in a year, and I’m facing Mel Gibson…I was delusional. But after one day I saw that Mel was super-relaxed — then it was a walk in the park.”
The Patriot 2000

”[Columbia] invested money in me in The Patriot and said, ‘Okay…let’s get another product, let’s promote it, and let’s bring in the bucks.’ Slightly f—ing frustrating.”
A Knight’s Tale 2001

”It’s deep, deep, deep. It’s not a movie that teenagers are supposed to come in and understand. It’s, like, beyond that.”
The Four Feathers 2002

”[Director] Terry [Gilliam] gives you the freedom to just be eccentric and to be bad. He allows you to be bad to the point where you find brilliance. You feel like you can do anything and he just wants you to go to absolute limits.”
The Brothers Grimm 2005

”Forget the gayness, forget the label. It’s just two people. We both knew that…and we were also up to doing it. We were like, f— it. We took on this story, there’s no point in shying away from it now.”
Brokeback Mountain 2005

”I feel the topic [of drug use] has been overexposed through literature and music and film of course, and I feel like we all know how to portray a junkie at this point.”
Candy 2006

”I’m definitely more excited about this than any other film I’ve been a part of. I’m really curious to see how it turns out. It’s either going to be an absolute masterpiece, or [laughing] a complete flop.”
I’m Not There 2007

”I enjoy falling behind masks. I enjoy really dressing up and stepping into someone else’s shoes. I know it’s going to require a wild dance, and it’s going to be really sinister and very dark. It’s nothing I’ve done before.”
The Dark Knight 2008

Brokeback Mountain
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