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Credit: Sam Emerson

Reader Joseph Bell drops us a line to say of Cloverfield that he “can hardly believe it [set] a weekend record. Isaw the movie Friday night, it was terrible, a big waste of money watching a movie [that appeared to be shot on] video. The pictures in the magazine [represent] the film better than seeing it on screen.” Joseph thinks he’s not alone, and that poor word-of-mouth from similarly disappointed viewers will result in a sharp box office drop for Cloverfield in weekend 2. Our box office guru Josh Rich concurs, noting that polled viewers gave it a CinemaScore of C — pretty terrible for a movie that hopes to have box office legs. (Heck, multiple reports of motion sickness from Cloverfield‘s shaky handheld camerawork might be enough to put a serious dent in the movie’s prospects — or might help boost concession-counter sales of Dramamine.)

Show of hands: Who was disappointed with Cloverfield? Who found it literally nauseating? Who thinks Joseph is right, and that backlash will do in the monster flick this weekend? And who thinks all this doomsaying is off-base, and that the movie is awesomely awesome and will continue to make heads roll (so to speak) at the box office?

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