Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

After reading over the Oscar nominations Tuesday, I think I found a glaring mistake. Christian Bale is not mentioned amongst the nominees. Surely this was an oversight. I mean, how many times can the guy get overlooked by the Academy? It simply defies logic. He was in two excellent films this year, 3:10 to Yuma (pictured) and Rescue Dawn, and yet again, he’s received no Oscar nods. Did the Academy just not happen to catch either of those flicks? Or do they have some sort of unwritten agreement that he is to get dissed every single year? That’s the only explanation I’ve come up with.

Granted, I’m a little biased. Confession time: I’ve been smitten with Christian Bale since watching that amusing little Disney flick Newsies back in high school. Don’t lie, you loved it too — all that singing and dancing, not to mention Jack Kelly’s ridiculous Noo Yawk accent. I’m onto you.

My love for Christian (after 16 years, I figure we’re on a first-name basis) has lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages. Throughout his roles, whether fantastic (American Psycho) or unbelievably bad (ahem, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Velvet Goldmine), my loyalty has never wavered. Sure, watching him shrink to 120 pounds in The Machinist or wither away in Rescue Dawn made me a little nauseated, but nothing has been able to shake my admiration for the guy. It’s not just that I think he is Hottie McYummy. That goes without saying. But the man is talent personified. He transforms himself with every single role. And it’s about time he got the recognition he deserved. Are you listening, Academy members?

My indignation at this blatant snub got me thinking — I’ve had acrush on him since I was a teenager. How often do your celeb crushesfrom childhood continue as an adult? I’m certainly not jonesing forKirk Cameron, Ralph Macchio or Mark-Paul Gosselaar anymore. And I’mmore than a little embarrassed by some celeb crushes (who shall remainnameless to protect my dignity) that I had as a kid. And yet, ChristianBale has remained atop my list for more than 16 years. Unabashedly so.

So PopWatchers, I ask you — are you still harboring any celeb crushes left over from childhood… or am I the only one? Fess up.