Well, it looks like something may have been accomplished with today’s informal talks between key moguls and Writers Guild of America power players. The WGA not only withdrew its controversial proposal to organize reality and animation writers, but joined the Alliance of Motion Picture and

Television Producers in announcing today that both sides will talk again — but likely with more players present. Just don’t expect any more (official) updates because both sides are going to try to stay mum (good luck with that). Here’s the statement: “On Wednesday, Jan. 23, the WGA and the AMPTP will begin informal discussions to determine if there is a basis for both parties to return to formal negotiations. Both the AMPTP and the WGA have agreed to make no public comments about the informal discussions until those discussions have concluded.”

Talks between two sides broke off on Dec. 7,

primarily over the WGA’s proposal to organize reality and animation writers. The AMPTP refused to negotiate unless that proposal was off the table.

The WGA responded by accusing the AMPTP of giving endless ultimatums and filing a

complaint with the National Labor Relations Board that accused

the AMPTP of refusing to bargain in good faith. The complaint is still pending.

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