If you’ve gotten the latest issue of EW, you now have “67 tips to beat the entertainment dry spell” during the writers’ strike. But I’m here to offer you another one: Watch sports.

How radical of an idea is it? You tell me. I have some colleagues who refuse to see sports as entertainment — and some who refuse to watch sports, period. I asked Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant, who’s been moonlighting as a sports reporter for LA’s Indie 103.1 FM morning show for the last two years, why he’s a fan. “I’m sure the writers will come picket my house,” he joked, “but the reason I like sports is because it’s unscripted. That’s always been the reason to watch sports. You can’t make that sh– up.”

So let’s settle this once and for all: Do you watch sports? And if so, which ones?

You know I’m alway pushing the PBR (Professional Bull Riders), which you can catch on the weekends on VERSUS. (Olyphant, by the way, approves. Deadwood creator David Milch hired a bunch of cowboys to hang around the set because they had the right vibe. “They get drunk. They get in fights. And they tell terribly inappropriate jokes,” Olyphant said, before sharing one punch line we can’t print. “I just like knowing that when you’re watching a guy get thrown around, that’s his day.”) If that doesn’t sell you, maybe Travis Briscoe’s recent record-tying ride on Copperhead Slinger (below) will: