August, the second film from XX/XY directorAustin Chick, premiered to a vibrating crowd at the Library Center theater on Tuesday: The audience’s enthusiasm spilled over into the first five minutes of the movie as they applauded the opening credits. Starring JoshHartnett (pictured), Adam Scott, Robin Tunney — and featuring a perfect cameo from DavidBowie — the film is a sort of Boiler Room for the dot-com era, chronicling theboom and historically inevitable bust of a startup called Landshark in themonth leading up to the 9/11 attacks. It’s visually stylized andhas a nice, jittery score, but is perhaps most notable for Hartnett’sstrong performance as Landshark’s CEO (think JerryMaguire/Magnolia-style Tom Cruise). —Whitney Pastorek