Here’s something we haven’t done in a while: a PopWatch HeadScratcher:

What do these five movies have in common?

1983’s The Big Chill (with Glenn Close and Kevin Kline)
1989’s Shag (with Phoebe Cates and Bridget Fonda)
1993’s Rich in Love (with Ethan Hawke and Alfre Woodard)
2003’s Radio (with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris)
2006’s Slither (with Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks, pictured)

It’s not our primary objective to delay gratification on this one, so… the answer is after the jump. In the comments section, feel free to nominate other films which belong on this particular list, even candidates that only partially qualify. Enough hints. Good luck!

HeadScratcher answer: All these films are set in the great state of South Carolina, site of this week’s presidential primaries. Oh, and if you want us to continue to bring back HeadScratchers — or, if you don’t — let us know; your vote counts.