Uh… say what? Imagine our surprise to see (in a recent on-air promo) that apparently thinks Fox’s new game show The Moment of Truth is “Genius.” For the uninformed, The Moment of Truth, which premieres tonight, features people who willingly subject themselves to lie-detector tests that will tear apart their dearest human relationships… for money. Of course, for money. Anyway, that quote was taken totally out of context from a Hollywood Insider post in which Dan Snierson labeled the show “one of those is-it-genius-or-is-it-the-end-of-Western-Civilization? masterpieces.” Lovely! When asked how it felt to hold the high esteem of having been quoted in a misleading Fox promo, Dan responded:

I am not at all flattered! I can’t believe that Fox would take my words so seriously out of context! I’m calling my lawyers to see what we can do about this gross twisting of the truth and it would be in the network’s best interest to cease and desist by the end of the day. This isn’t a sin of omission—it’s a sin of commission to deceive by printing only half of my words. My life will be dedicated to righting this egregious wrong.

Ha! Oh, silly Fox. This reminds me of the time in 2005 when I called the “Rainy Day Women” episode of The O.C. “the absolute best show in the history of television, or at least on Fox in 2005.” Oh, silly Annie. Of course, the next day’s promo screamed “SEE WHAT EW.COM CALLS THE ABSOLUTE BEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION.” Score! Oh, the shame. Anyway, who else is going to be completely despicable and tune into The Moment of Truth tonight just for the sheer spectacle of it all?