Last night I didn’t get around to eating dinner until I settled in to watch The Biggest Loser. AsI happily devoured my pizza — what? Yes, I was eating pizza whilewatching other people sweat their butts off. The stench of irony isstrong, I know. Almost as bad as eating a double cheeseburger and washing itdown with a Slim-Fast shake. Which, actually, I have done. Once. Onlybecause I had been on a liquid diet for a week due to dental surgeryand couldn’t resist the siren song of solid food in the food courtbefore I boarded a bus for a three-hour ride to Connecticut. Don’t judge me.

I digress. Anyway,as I was savoring the cheesy goodness, I thought about how this season’s contestants got to choose their trainer andI pondered, “If I had to pick between Jillian and Bob (pictured), who would I want making me do extra reps?”

Sure,Jillian’s hard-ass, take no prisoners approach would keep mefrom slacking off (I really wouldn’t have a choice, now would I?), but Idon’t respond well to people yelling at me. This is probablywhy I never joined the Army. Bob’s sweeter nature and tendency tonurture contestants appeals to my sensitive side, but would he motivate me enough? I just can’t decide. What about you, PopWatchers? If youhad to choose, would you want Jillian or Bob pushing you to the brinkof exhaustion?