Given that we’re only T-minus-one episode from this season’s big breakout, you’d think last night’s show would’ve been a nail biter. And it was…to a point: Sammy’s taken over the prison (and apparently enjoys listening to Eric B. & Rakim); Mike’s in the tunnel unaware that there’s a bounty on his head; Lechero’s hiding in the john with a shiv; Linc’s hitting on Sofia; Sucre’s planting a bomb in Gretchen’s car; Alex is sobering up, and so on. On the other hand, all those goings-on inspired very little water-cooler chat in me. And that’s gotta say something.

Nevertheless, three things stuck out, beginning with Gretchen’s sending an email to one “Edward Guthrie” using Whistler’s alias (or real name, we’re not sure yet), “Gary Miller.” Let’s review its contents:

RE: Great Sales! —

Ed, we’ll be in contact soon. Sales are through the roof! Hope you’re working on your putting…Gary.

First off, what are they selling? My guess is whatever’s in that silver Deal Or No Deal suitcase Sofia found hidden in the lining of Whistler’s duffle bag. Second, who’s “we?” I’m assuming Gretchen and Whistler, working together, but what do you think? And who is Edward Guthrie? Has he been mentioned before? Is he going to be our connection to Molly who, BTW, hasn’t shown up yet? And what’s this about Linc Googling (okay, “spider-searching”) “Gary Miller” and, using just his name and birth date, pinpointing the right guy? Silly rabbit, I did the same thing and got over 200,000 hits. Nevertheless, the search — Gary Miller is apparently from Scottsdale, even though his passport says Dallas — did bring back into play the info we learned a few episodes ago about Whistler’s mother being in a retirement home in Arizona. I wonder when she’s coming into the mix.

addCredit(“Prison Break: Bill Matlock”)

Next, there’s Michael’s new dark blue shirt and the fact that he’snow a killer. Yes, he rigged the escape tunnel to collapse on Sammy. And he feels bad about it. Which he shouldn’t: That character was adrag. He held the show down, and I’m glad to see him go.

And lastly, why, exactly, was Whistler trying to keep Sammy fromkilling Michael? Surely not out of the kindness of his double-crossingheart. Ostensibly, it was because Michael engineered the breakout, butI couldn’t help but feel that he might be under orders to deliver Mike tothe company the same way Mike is supposed be delivering him. (And feelfree, PopWatchers, to mock me if you think I’m way off).

So what’s on your minds? Are you ready for what Fox promises to be“the greatest escape in television history” in two weeks? Or are youthinking it’s gonna be a washout?

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