What’s on your Must List this week? For my colleague Mike Slezak, it’s these video clips of an adorable polar bear cub. Speaking of polar bears, Bruce Springsteen and some Jersey Girls are braving the winds at a chilly-looking beach in this video for “Girls in Their Summer Clothes,” below. (Hat tip to Idolator.) Just released as a single, it’s one of the poppiest-sounding songs Bruce has recorded in ages, and it’s on my list this week.

And you? What are your three unmissable TV shows/albums/books/movies/video games/websites of the week? Send your recommendations by 10 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 24, along with your e-mail address, so we can let you know if we decide to include your picks in next week’s issue of EW. And watch this space; I’m sure Slezak has plenty more cute-and-fluffy animal videos for you.