Weep not for Ryan Gosling (pictured, left), who got snubbed by the Oscars this morning when he failed to score a Best Actor nomination for Lars and the Real Girl. Not only does he already have another movie on the horizon, but he could be up for a major paycheck and a franchise role. According to Moviehole, he’s due to replace Ben Affleck (and Harrison Ford, pictured right, and Alec Baldwin) in Paramount’s forthcoming, non-Tom Clancy-sanctioned Jack Ryan spy thriller.

Now, this is still very much in the just-a-rumor stage, but if it’s true, I have some qualms. Sure, Gosling could do an excellent job; I’m one of those people who think there’s very little this protean actor can’t do. But I’d hate to see him tied down to a franchise role that would put him on a dumb-action-blockbuster path and keep him from doing more interesting work in quirky indie movies à la Lars and Half Nelson. (That, after all, is what happened to Ben Affleck.) Still, I can’t begrudge him the occasional Notebook or Fracture. Dude’s gotta eat.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Would you want to see Gosling as Jack Ryan? Or is there someone else you’d rather see take over the role from Affleck/Ford/Baldwin?

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