I’m warning you. Don’t click on the following link for this highly addictive online game called Flight of the Hamsters. (And damn you, Metafilter, for the link!) You won’t be able to stop playing. Not even when your supervisor scurries over to your desk to investigate the little hamster cheers emanating from your computer every time one of the little guys gets launched into the air for an exciting airborne adventure. You’ll be sitting there, enthralled, ignoring your morning deadline. Your boss will grimace, grumble something ominous about said deadline. You’ll be frustrated because you just missed the pink inflatable ball that would’ve carried your furry friend another 10 feet. You’ll click again — just once more time, just to see if you can better your score! — and before you know it, security will approach with a big cardboard box, asking you to pack your belongings and go home. Which you’ll do. And then you’ll get right back on your computer and play Flight of the Hamsters again. Until you end up living in a cardboard box and cursing the hamsters, cursing PopWatch, and cursing me. But you won’t be able to say I didn’t warn you.