Some Thai flight attendants are offended by a new soap opera, Air Hostess Wars. They want the government (!) to yank the show because it’s “insulting and damaging to the reputation of flight attendants.” Ha! Judge for yourself in the video, below. It’s in Thai but you don’t need to know what’s actually being said to understand that the women are feuding and the man who’s bending over seats A and B at 0:56 is silently plotting to kill those two customers.

What’s the big deal? This is just what flight attendants do. Wow, that clip brings me back to the halcyon days of my Extremely Turbulent Mile High Phase of Summer 2006. It only lasted a week, but I’m pretty sure BBC America played every single episode within that time. Actually, the one where there were fire-dancing strippers and stoned makeover sessions and sex on the beach — I think they played that one three times. Just kidding! That was all of them!