The director talks about the rebirth of the ''Enterprise,'' as a teaser trailer for his Christmas 2008 release rolls out with ''Cloverfield''

By Jeff Jensen
Updated January 21, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST
© Paramount

If you’re wondering why J.J. Abrams, producer of Cloverfield, didn’t direct the film himself, it was because he was prepping his Star Trek reboot, due at Christmas. Cloverfield ticket buyers will get a first look at his new sci-fi endeavor via (what else?) a teaser trailer. The clip shows welders busy on what turns out to be the new starship Enterprise (pictured) — massive and detailed, an embodiment of space-gazing idealism. Abrams wanted to underscore the fact that he’s ”starting from scratch,” he says. His movie chronicles an early adventure of the original crew, including Kirk (Smokin’ Aces‘ Chris Pine) and Spock (Heroes‘ Zachary Quinto). Eric Bana plays a villain. Leonard Nimoy returns as an older version of Spock, which could corroborate spoiler reports that the movie has a time-travel twist. Abrams compares the script to ”classic Trek — as much social commentary as it is optimistic sci-fi” and says it’s ”both dramatic and funny.” Will Pine mimic William Shatner’s hammy flourishes? No, says Abrams. Will there be some good ol’ Vulcan death gripping? He laughs. ”There are certain things that I just can’t tell you yet.”

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