I Know Who Killed Me, Live Free or Die Hard, ...
Credit: Tracy Bennett; Frank Masi

Everybody loves the Golden Raspberries, and why not? In a long, drawn-out awards season where wealthy, glamorous folks take home trophy upon trophy upon trophy, it’s nice to have a bitchy, non-congratulatory antidote. Heck, Oscar winner Halle Berry showed up to collect her own Worst Actress trophy for Catwoman back in 2005. Viva, Razzies!

And yet I’ve got a beef with the folks behind the ceremony. Look at the films that led the pack when Razzie nominations were announced earlier today: I Know Who Killed Me grabbed nine, while Norbit and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry got slapped with eight apiece. Having actually attended two out of those three films for I Saw It So You Don’t Have To — Killed Me (pictured, left) almost killed me, Chuck and Larry made me want to (up)Chuck — I can’t argue they’re not worthy, and yet, what about the woeful performances that mucked up otherwise good (or at least decent) movies? Or the totally abysmal efforts by actors who you’d normally expect to be fantastic? It’s one thing to shoot at fish in a barrel such as Jessica Alba in Awake, but I feel like the Razzie committee ought to be digging deeper, making sure they “honor” not just the obviously bad, but the unexpectedly awful as well.

While watching Live Free or Die Hard on demand a few weeks back,I couldn’t get over the way Timothy Olyphant (pictured, right) suckedall the energy from the room every time he appeared as computer-savvybaddie Thomas Gabriel. Where the heck is his Razzie nod? (Apologies tomy pal Mandi Bierly, who’s a big fan, and who’s just announced she’snot speaking to me for the next 15 minutes.) While we’re on the topic,who else deserves to have their subpar work celebrated, GoldenRaspberry-style? Let’s start the list of snubs in the comments sectionbelow!

addCredit(“Killed Me: Tracy Bennett; Live Free or Die Hard: Frank Masi”)