In case I’m not the only one watching CBS’ vampire drama Moonlight, I’ll warn you that I’m about to talk about the plot of last Friday’s episode. Bolt now if you must…

Okay, so full disclosure: I haven’t always watched Moonlight. I intended to when it premiered last fall, but by the time I got around to it, the handful of people I knew tuning in had stopped. Then I spent a few Friday nights at home, and was too lazy to turn the channel after watching David Conrad on Ghost Whisperer, so I finally saw it. It was right around the time that Mick(Alex O’Loughlin, pictured) first discovered his ex-wife, Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon) — the vamp who sired him and whom he supposedly killed the night he saved Beth (Sophia Myles) — was possibly now a human and working as a freelance photographer. Yes, I wish Moonlight was as well written as Buffy and Angel, but who isn’t fascinated by the idea of a vamp becoming human?

After some back-and-forthing, we found out on Friday’s episode that Coraline’s “cure” is a temporary one, first used by her family and others who wanted to escape the guillotine. (We also learned that vampires were the target of the Reign of Terror.) The episode ended with Mick sampling the cure, and, after getting his ass kicked by Coraline’s brother and gorging himself on food, showing up at Beth’s boyfriend’s funeral to reveal his momentary mortality.

So, here’s my question to you folks who’ve been tuning in: Is this the start of a great story arc — Mick is human, what will it mean for his relationship with Beth, how long will it last, etc. — or a fine place to call it quits? Moonlight won the People’s Choice Award for best new drama, but we all know that means nothing — and it looks like Friday’s episode was the last one canned before the strike.

Should the show return?