Hello again, PopWatchers!

So last night was the EW party here at the Dance of the Sun. Twas a fun affair held up in the mountains at a place called the Legacy Lodge, which is where I saw the Beastie Boys perform two years ago. Anyhoo, the EW gang was all there (hey! hey! hey!). Vanessa “Ciudad” Juarez gave our managing editor Rick Tetzeli the nickname of “El Jefe Super Wow,” which must be pronounced with an authentic accent, no gringo butchering. Also on the scene was Eliza Dushku, who is fast becoming our favorite person to hang out with here. Earlier in the day, she and I had chatted in the EW photo lounge about her movie, Bottle Shock, and about both being Massachusetts girls. Go Pats! (Whitney “el Jefe” Pastorek and Jason “Travels With a Harem” Averett just couldn’t resist making fun of me for not knowing anything about football. I admit that I don’t. But does that mean I can’t cheer for the Patriots? It’s out of love for my step-dad and little bro!) Buffy fans will be delighted to know that Dushku and Joss Whedon are moving full steam ahead on a new series about imprinting identities on people and far-out stuff like that. The plan is to get goin’ as soon as the strike is over. Anyway, on to today’s agenda, after the jump.

This morning, I saw the doc Patti Smith: Dream of Life, alovely film that I can only describe as a visual epic poem about thegreat Ms. Smith. I checked in with her (stay tuned for a full Q&Alater this week) at our photo lounge, then dashed over to the Eccles towatch the movie I have been dying to see since the lineup was announcedlast year. That movie was Sunshine Cleaning, a funny, movingdramedy starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt as sisters who start acrime-scene cleaning service. Alan Arkin plays their dad. It’ssplendidly written by Megan Holley, and beautifully directed byChristine Jeffs. I hope both of them get the kudos they deserve. Ofcourse, that’s just my opinion; I ain’t no critic.

I’m looking forward to this evening, when I’ll be checking out Smart People,a comedy starring Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Page, andThomas Haden Church. Good buzz on this one, so fingers crossed. Itsafter party should be a good time too.

Now, it’s time to go forage for food. I’ve just been informed thatthe deli across the street is closed. A true bummer, since Vanessa”Ciudad” Juarez told me they had delicious vegetarian sandwiches, athing as rare as unicorns here in Utah. Guess it’ll be agranola-bar-and-pretzel lunch.