[Editor’s Note No. 1: Method Man is in Park City supporting The Wackness (in which he stars as a Jamaican supplier to the weed-dealing main character). He stopped by EW headquarters on Saturday and agreed to guest-blog about his Sundance experience. Here, his unedited post…]

why do the peons at the sundance film festival feel like its there “job”no “responsibility” to discourage all the attendees from truly enjoying themselves….everyone isnt here 4 swag,thank u very much…these ppl should learn to approach these situations in a common manner…namely common sense and alot more common courtesy…..

[Editor’s Note No. 2: Meth also told us that his favorite thing about Entertainment Weekly is The Shaw Report. Below, his own version.]

mef report

flavored blunt wraps in

clear rolling papers 5min.ago

bongs pipes,etc…outta here..

addCredit(“Vanessa Juarez”)