All right, PopWatchers. For the past two days, Missy Schwartz and I have claimed that during a wine-soaked dinner for the Sundance movie Bottle Shock, we spied ex-vampire slayer, one-time world-class cheerleader, and all-around kick-ass chick Eliza Dushku literally climbing the walls. It was reported back to us today that certain publicists were displeased with our choice to leak that information — and yet the image of the lithe, gorgeous Dushku up in the air of the Bon Appetit Supper Club stuck. How thrilled were we, then, when at last night’s EW Party — more on that later, to be sure — Ms. Dushku came over to say hello to Missy (who’d interviewed her earlier), and we got a chance to clear up what, exactly, was up with that wall thing. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Eliza Dushku, who dictated the following to me as my thumbs of fury entered it into my BlackBerry:

“A brotherly, well-intentioned cameraman buddy had a little too much wine at dinner, and came over during a photo op. He saw my leather pants, and had a drunken moment. Couldn’t resist. He picked me up and twirled me in the air, and slapped my ass. I gave him a little headlock, a finger to the throat, and made him release me. No hard feelings. Saw him the next day. He was apologetic and hung over. We’re meeting him tonight for chicken and waffles at the hip-hop mansion. [Referring to the notion that someone might have gotten the wrong idea] If this was a couple years ago, I would have thought something had happened. But now I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke. I curse a lot so people still think I have a f—ing edge. But it wasn’t anything scandalous.”

And there ya have it, PopWatchers, straight from the starlet’s mouth: Eliza Dushku was not, in fact, climbing the walls. Don’t ever say I’m not one hell of an investigative reporter. El Jefe gets the scoop!