This week's castoff talks about accepting the judges' decision, avant-garde vs. couture, her thoughts on Ricky, Rami, and Sweet P, and feeling like the season's ''ghost designer''
Project Runway, Project Runway (Season 4 -- Episode 4: Trendsetter)
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It’s hard to say we’ll actually miss Christina ”Kit” Scarbo from Project Runway because she was never on screen enough for us to get to know her. Alas, the perennially never-good-enough-or-bad-enough designer got auf’d for making an avant-garde meets Little House on the Prairie tiered-apron dress. No matter what you thought of the dress, though, you can’t possibly be happy Kit was the member of her team who went home. What we wanted to find out was, how does Kit feel about getting the boot this week?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Please explain why you and I are talking today when you were clearly not the worst designer on the runway last night.
KIT SCARBO: Unfortunately, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. That’s the mantra of the show. I didn’t necessarily disagree with the judges. When it gets to this stage of the game, the judges have a responsibility to keep the competition tough.

Wait. You don’t disagree with the judges booting you?
Well, I understood what the judges were saying about the garment. I get why they sent me home for this specific challenge. As far as the whole competition was concerned, I wish I had stayed.

Did they actually think Ricky deserved to stay more than you?
What you didn’t see last night was more of the bantering on the runway. When they asked who should go home I said myself. I felt very frustrated the whole season because I wasn’t getting any positive or negative attention from the judges.

That surprised me a lot, actually. I thought you could have easily won the Tiki Barber challenge or the Hershey challenge, but you got no love.
I don’t know how I fit in to Project Runway as a designer. I think with the Hershey challenge I would have liked to have been in the top. I thought Rami should have won that, but in my eyes it was about using alternative fabrics. Whereas Chris used pillow fabric, I used paper and candy wrapper.

Did you communicate that at all with the producers?
The best way to communicate on the show is with the judges directly. That’s where the learning curve comes. You see the designers on the runway doing a lot better with each challenge. I wasn’t able to build that communication with the judges.

So you’re saying even if you’d been in the bottom, you would have had more time to talk things over with the judges.
Yeah. Unfortunately, I got really discouraged after the prom challenge. I thought I could have been on the runway there. I would have liked to have gotten any criticism just to get some face time. But I proved myself to friends and family and I feel confident in my talent.

While you were designing your dress, you seemed so excited about it. What went wrong?
The biggest difference is that a good idea isn’t necessarily a good dress. As a designer in all my work up until now, I’ve always done things that are avant-garde. That doesn’t necessarily make them couture. I was never able to figure out what is conceptual and what is couture. ”Avant-garde” is a canopy term for all those things. But I love my dress.

Um, what?
Avant-garde is just a general term that means forward and innovative, using new styles out of the norm. Couture is all about luxury, innovation, and modernity. I’m pushing myself more toward couture.

NEXT PAGE: ”I’m going to be diplomatic here. When [Rami]’s stressed out, maybe he’s not as amazing. But you do what you can with four hours of sleep.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk some more about Ricky. How exactly is he still on the show?
KIT SCARBO: I was shocked last week. I was shocked this week. I don’t know. I also felt when I was on the runway this week, the judges had a responsibility to keep the integrity of the competition. At some point the judges themselves are responsible for who is on the show.

I wonder if you went home because you didn’t have a chance to become more of a ”character” on the show, whereas Ricky is the crying character with bad hats.
Yeah, I’m the ghost designer of season 4. But I must have done something right as a leader because at least in this one episode Ricky didn’t cry.

Was the Rami and Sweet P drama real or embellished for television?
No, there was actually a lot going on. I feel like I helped Sweet P through it because we’re so close.

Rami was kind of a jerk.
Everyone has their reactions to stress. I’m going to be diplomatic here. When he’s stressed out, maybe he’s not as amazing. But you do what you can with four hours of sleep.

Was Chris and Christian’s dress as insanely incredible as it was on TV?
It was even better. It was phenomenal in person. Christian’s abilities are so vast. He did that entire dress minus the headdress by himself.

So do you think the show is Christian’s to lose?
It’s such a challenge-by-challenge thing now. I’m also really excited to see what Jillian does. If you look at the first dress she made, and last night, you see her curve has been incredible. And I’m excited to see what happens next with Ricky. It’s definitely going to get intense.

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