How?s the WGA work stoppage making you feel, America? We surveyed 1,000 folks by phone to find out how many people were actually aware of the strike, and what the average entertainment fan is doing to cope in the meantime. Here, the results.
WGA Strike 2007
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/AP

What is the WGA?

34% correctly identified WGA as Writers Guild of America

20% thought it was the U.S.’s only association for professional women golfers

33% didn’t know/didn’t care

5% thought it was a trade group that owns the wi-fi network

4% thought it was an international advocacy group for gays and lesbians

How much have you been following the strike?

65% know about it, but haven’t been following it.

12% are not aware of the strike.

21% know about it and have been following it.

How have you been spending your spare time now that your favorite shows are off the air? (Choose all that apply.)

44% watching less TV

44% spending more time with family and friends

40% reading more books

39% watching reruns

38% watching DVDs

36% listening to more music

34% watching more news programming

30% watching more informational TV programming (like cooking and home-improvement shows)

27% getting more sleep or going to bed earlier

26% listening to the radio more

26% playing more online and traditional board/card games

25% watching TV shows they normally wouldn’t watch

23% going online more

22% talking less about entertainment with friends and colleagues

22% cleaning the house more

21% reading more magazines

19% watching more on-demand TV shows and movies

18% watching more reality TV

16% bored more than usual

14% talking on the phone more

13% playing more videogames

12% watching more late-night TV

10% going to the movies more

9% having more sex

9% spending more money on entertainment

7% eating more

7% shopping more

4% fighting with their spouse more

3% fighting with their children more