Replace TV with online addictions -- Waste your free time by joining Facebook and playing Scrabulous
30 Rock

Replace TV with online addictions

That I am even writing this now is something of a miracle. Last fall, my college roommate persuaded me to join Facebook, the newest social-networking cyber-cult that was presented to me as a gated-community alternative to the untamed wilds of MySpace. I’d barely gotten my profile up, however, when I was inundated with zombie bites and defenestrated sheep via something called SuperPoke. Now, 11 weeks into the strike, I welcome the vastness of its universe. With no new episodes of 30 Rock to occupy my evenings, I’ve since clicked away hours taking Golden Girls quizzes and judging my ”interest” in total strangers. The biggest time-suck, though, is Scrabulous, a Scrabble-like game that’s ensnared much of the EW staff, and, since I’ve beaten a few of my bosses, the reason I can’t quite believe my byline’s still here. Scrabulous, however, may not be; Hasbro’s threatening its removal. So play it while you still can.

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