Robert Redford
Credit: Fred Hayes/

As a Sundance virgin, I had no idea what to expect of Park City. Well, I got my first taste of it last night. It’s cold, obviously. It’s dry. And everybody blames everything on the elevation, which explains why I was more winded on the elliptical this morning than the overweight guy who chases Colin Farrell around in Bruges (that heavy Mexican dinner I had last night had NOTHING to do with it).

So my first event of the night was attending the In Bruges premiere with Whitney “El Jefe” Pastorek. As she’s noted, I got lost (somehow ended up on a highway, but not in a ditch, thankfully). It was all worth it, because I slid into my seat in time to see Robert Redford, aka My Biggest Crush of the ’70s (Paul Newman’s got the ’60s title), make an opening remark. There he was, 15 feet away from me, the man of The Sting, The Great Gatsby, The Way We Were and All the President’s Men. Just to give you some context, when I first got hired at EW a little less than two years ago, one of my first thoughts was, “Maybe I’ll get to interview Bob and Paul someday.” While I have yet to interview either, this is a good start. Here’s hoping to run into him again in the next 10 days. If I do, what do you Redford fans think I should ask him?

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