Music to survive the strike -- Download Album of the year Grammy winners like U2, Kim Carnes, and Michael Jackson

Music to survive the strike

Strike? What strike? As far as your iPod is concerned, the party can last as long as you have opposable thumbs and an electrical outlet for recharging. Here’s a fun idea: Update your best mechanical friend with music that has true pop cultural significance — like, for example, every Album of the Year Grammy winner. This is a great way to ensure you’ll always have aural landmarks like Thriller on hand at impromptu gatherings. (Plus, it counteracts that Jessica Simpson remix album you downloaded back in ’02. For shame.) Looking for a new playlist that doesn’t require a name like ”CardioSweatJump2”? Line up all 49 tracks to win the Grammy for Record of the Year — and shuffle away! You’ll thank yourself when U2 and Kim Carnes end up back-to-back.