Lauren Graham
Credit: Lauren Graham: M. Caulfield/; Andrea Roth: Dimitrios Kambouris/

Last night, I was watching a screener of Hallmark Channel’s upcoming original movie Bridal Fever, starring Rescue Me‘s Andrea Roth, and it made me miss Gilmore Girls‘ Lauren Graham. Why? Because I’ve always — and by that, I mean since last night — thought that Lauren Graham and Andrea Roth (pictured right) need to play sisters on TV. Seriously, look at them. (Especially you writers working on a project for Graham to headline on NBC after the strike. Remember, she signed a development deal with the Peacock last fall.) My pitch: Lauren plays the smart, funny sister. Andrea plays the smart, slightly serious sister. Both have fabulous hair and men trouble. Now go, Hollywood, go!

To that end: Bob Saget once told me that he thought he and Stephen Colbert should play brothers in something. What other sibling combinations would you want to see?