Jack Johnson's community service -- We look at the artist's involvement in charities and benefit shows

Three ways Jack Johnson is making the world a better place.

1. The Kokua Hawai’i Foundation
”K?kua means help in Hawaiian,” says Johnson, explaining the name of the eco-awareness-raising charity he set up with wife Kim in 2003. ”It funds school gardens and field trips where kids can go out into nature.”

2. Saving the Pupukae and Paumalu Bluffs
Johnson joined in the recently successful effort to purchase a stretch of coastline on Oahu’s North Shore from a Japanese land-development company: ”They sold it to us for a pretty affordable price. It’s basically an open space for the public now.”

3. Benefit Shows
Johnson has appeared at Neil Young’s annual Bridge School Benefit shindig, which helps fund a program for children with severe physical impairments; and twice was featured on the bill of Willie Nelson’s Maui Music Festival, a philanthropic hoedown for the local Montessori School tuition-assistance program. ”Both times we’ve gone back to his house and played poker,” says Johnson of Nelson. So, did Willie ply him with weed and take all his money away? ”You said it,” laughs Johnson. ”I didn’t!”