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Feedback from our readers

It’s the End of the Year as We Know It…
Thank you for acknowledging rising stars like Amy Adams and overlooked films like Inland Empire in your year-end issue.
Ryan Lucas
Venice, Calif.

Year-end tributes are often overblown and insincere. Not the ones in this issue. Thanks for presenting heartfelt memorial sketches (”Farewell”) of those we lost, by people who really knew them.
Rosanna Baranak Sherick
Endicott, N.Y.

God bless Whitney Pastorek! Her essay, ”This Was the Year…I Officially Became Old,” is hanging on my fridge. I just turned 30 and I avoid MTV entirely. I play Scrabble, wear earplugs to concerts, and have started eating dinner at 5 p.m. Hang in there, Whitney, you’re not alone.
Nicole Setticase
Gardner, Kan.

You were spot-on in choosing Bruce Springsteen’s Magic as the best album of 2007 (Music). Every soldier in Iraq should listen to the message the Boss delivers on this excellent release.
Matt Engel
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

I must live in a cave, because my 2007 was quite different from yours. The year’s best album, in my opinion, was Kelly Clarkson’s My December, and Veronica Mars remained the best show on TV. I also enjoyed some of the ”worst” DVDs and movies (Saw III, Because I Said So) more than the ”best” ones. I think I’ll stay in my cave throughout ’08.
Daniel Bayes
Dayton, Ohio

Having just seen August: Osage County, I resoundingly agree that it deserved to be the No. 1 play (Stage). It was the most entertaining, thrilling night I’ve had at the theater in years.
Gregory Klemens
New York

How could you leave Dexter, The Tudors, and Californication off your best-of list (Television)? They have fresh concepts, brilliant acting, and superb production values. HBO has officially passed the torch to Showtime.
Mark P. Bruecks
Chadds Ford, Pa.

I don’t tend to disagree with you, but when an intelligent and all-around wonderful film was named one of 2007’s worst (Movies), I had to draw the line. Lars and the Real Girl managed to take an awkward subject and transform it into something beautiful. And Ryan Gosling wasn’t ”mugging,” he was acting.
Greg Vellante
North Andover, Mass.

Just curious why you didn’t feature the year’s best and worst videogames. After all, they’re a major part of American entertainment. Why watch a so-so TV drama when you can make moral decisions and deal with the consequences in BioShock? Why go to a war movie when you can fight terrorists in Call of Duty 4?
Troy Adamo
San Angelo, Tex.

Bill Paxton’s Big Love character is a polygamist, not a Mormon (Best and Worst, Television).