Proof positive that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime: Earlier this week, American Gladiators stars Wolf and Crush stopped by HQ to challenge Annie Barrett and me to a series of intense, physical challenges (look for the video on our site next week). Anyway, in between the howling and intimidating stares, Wolf (left) started riffing on the idea of a celebrity edition of American Gladiators, and his choice for an ideal opponent — Dr. Phil (right)! — has me thinking the growly, big-haired warrior might have a future as a TV exec (if and when he stops kicking ass for a living). Seriously, you know if the embattled self-help guru had to run through the Gauntlet against Wolf, Toa, and Militia, it’d be the highest-rated show of the season. On a similar note, I wouldn’t mind seeing Elisabeth Hasselbeck get bandied about like a holiday piñata by Hellga, and how about we see what Donald Trump’s hair looks like soaking wet after he loses a Joust face-off against Titan?

Who else should be forced into service against the Gladiators? Let’s get the list going in the comments section below!