Celebrities reveal how to survive the strike -- Hear from Rainn Wilson, Neil Patrick Harris, Judah Friedlander, and Masi Oka

Celebrities reveal how to survive the strike

Masi Oka
”I recommend for people to have a lot of friends over and reenact their favorite TV shows. If you don’t have a lot of friends, you can get sock puppets.”

Rainn Wilson
”I’m spending between an hour and two hours a day playing Internet speed chess. It’s kind of weird. Like other people have porn addictions, mine is Internet chess.”

Judah Friedlander
”Watch an episode of your favorite show and hit your head with a heavy metal object, and maybe that will jar your short-term memory. Then you can rewatch the show, and it will feel brand-new.”

Neil Patrick Harris
”Work on your Wii skills. And I don’t mean the bathroom kind. The videogame kind. I’m partial to carnival games — the ringtoss and the dartboard and all of those. And you don’t have to pay three dollars to throw.”