Just a friendly reminder that AMC’s new series Breaking Bad, created by X-Files veteran Vince Gilligan and starring Malcolm in the Middle‘s Bryan Cranston, is debuting this Sunday night at 10 p.m. (Check out Ken Tucker’s review here.) As a big Malcolm fan, I thought Cranston was pretty much perfect as high-strung Hal, and a big factor in wry Jane Kazmareck’s Emmy-nominated success as his wife Lois. You may recall that he snuck into Little Miss Sunshine in a small but pivotal role as the source of Greg Kinnear’s angst, Stan Grossman. Cranston’s certainly busting out of the comedy mold with Bad, a gritty tale of a terminally ill chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer-on-the-run, and I’m all hopped up to watch him rock the role. (I mean, he’s already played the darkest character there is — Lucifer himself — in 2006’s Fallen on ABC Family.) Maybe it’s the tighty-whiteys Cranston sports so un-self-consciously in Bad, or maybe it’s his auburn moustache (which reminds me, might Seth Green be angling to play his little brother?), but from the minute I saw Cranston in ads for Bad, I’ve been pulling for the show to match the success of AMC’s other original show, Mad Men (new Golden Globe winner for best drama series). Think he can pull it off? Watch and report back!