Scott Baio

You may think it’s impossible for me to be objective — since I’ve been in bed with Scott Baio and all — but I’m gonna say it anyway: the season premiere of VH1’s Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant (Sundays, 10 p.m.) was highly entertaining.

Watch these two scenes (again) before you try to argue with me: Scott accompanying his pregnant fiancée, Renée, to the gynecologist’s office (click here to see him in the fetal position). Scott and Renée house-hunting (click here).

To be clear: I’m not suggesting that this is “reality.” But I do believe that we’re seeing the real Baio. He’s a guy who’ll do stuff — like attend daddy classes — just for the stories that he’ll have to tell his buddies afterwards. And he’ll always want those stories to be as amusing as possible, with or without cameras present. That’s why it makes perfect sense to me that he left Renée two seconds after she told him that she was pregnant to call an “emergency meeting” with his friends. He wanted them to witness his freakout.

So are you back for more Baio this season? (For me, it’s worth it just for the awesome ’80s music used in the premiere.) Or have you moved on, like Johnny V. needs to?