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Have you ever had a nickname inspired by a TV show, movie, song, or book? Here’s why I’m asking: Earlier this week, I was writing about Little House on the Prairie, and was forced to remember two things: 1) That scene in season 6, when Almanzo (Dean Butler) falls deathly ill and lies in bed covered with ice to keep his fever down. I loved me some Manly. 2) The day that I begged my dad to call me “Half-Pint” because I really, really wanted a nickname — and that’s what Pa (Michael Landon, right) called Laura (Melissa Gilbert, left). My father refused, and instead, began calling me “the Dink.” He still does.

At least I got a slightly cooler nickname in 2001. That’s when my friend Eva took to calling me “B. Ho,” after Mary Cherry‘s long-lost twin sister on Popular.

Your turn.

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