Where’s Ricki Lake (pictured) been? You know you’ve been wondering. Well, her evolution from John Waters muse to host of a notoriously raucous TV talk show has led to her latest incarnation as… a documentary filmmaker? She’s executive producer of (and appears in) the controversy-courting The Business of Being Born, opening in limited release this month (it premiered Jan. 9 in New York City). It’s about something I never knew I wanted to see a movie about: how women giving birth has given rise to a profitable industry. On Jan. 10’s Today broadcast, Lake said, “I’m raising some really major questions about the medical system and whether it’s really servicing mothers and babies as well as it could…. The fact that we have the second-worst infant mortality rate in the developed world [according to The CIA World Factbook] is a statistic that I think people need to know about.”

The movie’s fairness will certainly be called into question by the usual suspects. But to quote a savvy colleague of mine who saw an early screening, it’s “eye-opening and fascinating.” Sure enough, once I saw the trailer, below (I suppose it’s NSFW if your co-workers are squeamish about the reality of the natural circle of life!), I put it on my must-see list.

Let’s say the film becomes more widely available in U.S. cities in 2008: I’m curious who’s going to end up seeing The Business of Being Born, because I’m not in a family way and never have been, yet I’m responding to this topic. Will men say, “No thanks!” while the seats fill up with women? PopWatch Moms and Pops (or Moms- and Pops-to-be), does the subject matter speak to you? Or scare you? And if you don’t have babies, or want babies, but the movie interests you anyway, tell us why!

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