Miranda Otto, Cashmere Mafia

“Writers’ Strike, look what you’ve done to me!” [Sung to “Girl, Look What You’ve Done to Me” by ex-Monkee Davy Jones. Trust me, it’ll work if you squeeze three syllables — “Writers’ Strike” — into one. Just did a search on that cute old lad and came across his official website, which didn’t help me confirm the song’s title — my quick look-see yielded no song listing at all — but his Davy’s Diva of the Month archive is fascinating. He’s pasted his face on photos with lots of Hollywood’s hottest. My favorite is his ever-youthful mug plastered over one of Madonna’s young babes in arms! Check it out for yourself at, and then, in the words of Keira Knightley in Atonement, “Come back to me!”]

Okay, as I was saying, the lack of much original programming has me desperately wanting to fall in love with Cashmere Mafia, but it’s been three dates now, and I’m still not sure if this is going to work out. I’m trying to focus on the good parts: An anonymous blogger calling Caitlin’s girl-toy “Hot Chocolate”; Zoe branding her sexy and ambitious young assistant, who hooks up with the boss and then threatens a lawsuit, “Business Barbie”; Juliet (Miranda Otto, pictured) coming to the realization that her revenge sex with bland Bobby Walsh would be a “wonderful fantasy, but I have to deal with my reality”; and Caitlin’s very real and prominent zit (how refreshing for such a glamorous show). Unfortunately, I can’t help being irked by that still annoyingly quirky and downright distracting music; publisher Mia tramping over the verboten barrier between publishing and editorial (which Journalism 101 says is a no-no); the incessant lunches (really, do these women of import and power have time enough to dine together more than once a week?); and how unnecessarily cold they make Juliet (and what was with that poo-awful brown outfit she wore to meet Cilla?).

But then, the evening ends with a flourish of promise in the form of Mia’s poignant publisher’s letter in which she confronts ex-fiancé Jack about his fears of the modern woman (specifically, Mia herself). Is Jack coming back? (Yes, according to IMDB.) I wondered if Tom Everett Scott was too big of an actor for one episode (and by “big,” I mean he’s got a recognition factor, similar to how if an actor who you’re pretty familiar with shows up early on in a Law & Order episode, you know he’s or she’s the killer). And I like that I’m starting to sense some follow-through in this show. I still don’t care much about Caitlin and Hot Chocolate (where’s the heat?), but I am interested, in spite of myself, to see what happens with Mia and Jack. Is this the start of a beautiful relationship? Did the ending last night leave you wanting more? Do you think Jack and Mia might end up working things out? How do you feel about choosing “reality” over “fantasy” (as in Juliet’s case, or the prospect that this show may be far from ideal but good enough for now)?