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There’s one moment in this trailer that got me laughing so hard at my desk that people actually poked their heads in to make sure I hadn’t snapped and was about to go on a crazed stapler rampage. I think you’ll know it when you see it.

That look on Amy Poehler’s face, just sitting there… man-oh-Manischewitz. Judging by this trailer, Baby Mama looks like a brave new frontier for chick flicks. It’s not a romantic comedy. It’s not a “three girls get together and bond over shared bad experiences with dudes” movie. It’s not defined by the female reaction to the male presence, or lack of presence. Which is so friggin’ refreshing I can’t tell you.

Not that I thought the whole trailer was a slam dunk — at this point, there’s no such thing as an au courant DMX joke — but it’s promising. And it’s Tina Fey, who’s totally gonna come live with me if my wife and Tina’s husband say it’s cool.

If you do a little Evel Kneivel over the jump (get it?), there’s some more Fey-related baby shenanigans for you.

As promised:

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