Credit: Scott Hedblom

8-9PM · THE CW · Debuts Oct. 5

The Valentines — a family of Greek gods living in L.A. — help earthbound soul mates find each other.

That psycho stalker artist from Dexter, Jaime Murray, plays, ironically enough, Aphrodite. Kristoffer Polaha (Miss Guided) is her son, Eros, known best in Greek myths for his mischievous bow and arrow. ”Of course now he’s upgraded to a Walther PPK,” explains producer Kevin Murphy. ”But it has the same power to make people fall in lust.” Other gods — from Dionysus posing as a reformed-alcoholic barkeep to Poseidon as a movie mogul — also make appearances. Murphy stresses the Valentines are no toga-wearing deities. ”They’re like regular people, but it’s sort of like The Matrix, where you can tell who the special people are because they dress more fabulously than the mortals.”

Murphy was a Desperate Housewives writer, so he knows how to do arch, heightened-reality comedy — which is good, because this cutesy premise needs a feather-light touch.