Ever see an Oscar-winning actress and a ventriloquist’s dummy get horizontal on a Hawaiian beach in a very sweet, non-kinky way that’s also kind of hot? This is a postscript to my recent item about Mamma Mia! star Meryl Streep and her oft-unrecognized musical talent. I absolutely had to share this delightful, obscure video that’s Steve Korn just shared with me.

Preceded by a brief intro from a what appears to be a Wonder Showzen refugee but is actually the deep-voiced star of Steve Hall’s Puppet Music Hall, the clip is from photographer Laurie Simmons’ 2006 short film The Music of Regret. (The dummy, and the object of Meryl’s affection, is voiced by Adam Guettel, Tony-winning composer and lyricist of Broadway’s The Light in the Piazza.) In short, it’s a mesmerizing duet.

What do you think, PopWatchers, will this July’s Mamma Mia! be half this good?