The profanity police at the FCC have expressed much concern over the airing of dirty words on live TV (think Bono’s brief expletive during his Golden Globes acceptance speech a few years back), but two viral videos that made the rounds yesterday make me wonder if the commission’s attention isn’t misdirected. Both contained utterances by Potty-Mouthed White Ladies of a Certain Age (henceforth known by the acronym PMWLoaCA), namely, Diane Keaton and Katie Couric. Keaton casually dropped an f-bomb while admiring Diane Sawyer’s lips during an interview on Good Morning America. Couric’s outburst of five s-words in rapid succession, made while anchoring the New Hampshire primary coverage last week for CBS News, didn’t air, but her words were caught on camera and satellite feed, and ended up in the hands of Harry Shearer at MyDamnChannel.

Now, I suppose one could look at these PMWLoaCA videos and enjoy their depictions of Keaton and Couric as stars who can be refreshingly human when they let their guard down, but the Federal government may not be so cavalier about such outbursts, not when the ears of impressionable children are at stake. Clearly, these clips demonstrate that the FCC needs to spend less time worrying about the utterances of musicians at awards shows and devote more scrutiny to the PMWLoaCA crowd. Who knows what these brazen hussies will say next?

Clips of the offending moments are posted below; both are obviously NSFW. Here’s Keaton:

And after the jump, here’s Couric.