Call me obtuse, but I still can’t get a handle on why I should be interested in the steroids scandal. Sure, I’m a bigger pop culture fanatic than sports nut, but it didn’t clarify anything for me to learn that Jason Priestley‘s name was mentioned tangentially in connection with the story. Now, according to an investigation by the Albany Times-Union, several other stars are accused of buying steroids: 50 Cent (pictured), Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean, Timbaland, and Tyler Perry. (Talking to the New York Times, Blige’s rep has denied the Times-Union‘s allegations.)

Even if the allegations are true, what’s the big deal? None of the celebs is accused of breaking the law, but are we supposed to be shocked to learn that musicians might be injecting dangerous substances into their bodies? (As for Perry: Well, he does like to dress in drag, but I don’t think hormone injections are the reason.) And while the scandal probably won’t help sales of Fiddy’s vitamin water, it’s not likely to harm any of the musicians’ public images, as this Times commentary piece notes. Though I do love the Times’ headline: “Jeepers, Rappers, Where’d You Get Those Arms and Torsos?” Jeepers!

Help me, PopWatchers: Explain why I should care if hip-hoppers are juiced. And would you think any less of them if they were?