I know all PopWatch posts about Keri Russell are supposed to start “Dear Felicity,” but alas, I am not Michael Slezak and do not have a firmly established pen pal relationship with this woman. This… Wonder Woman! According to TV Guide, Felicity’s going to voice the superheroine in Warner Bros.’ straight-to-DVD animated flick. It’s an apt choice; Felicity did kick ass in Mission: Impossible, so we know she’s already an action heroine. But could Felicity also play the live-action Wonder Woman that’s been in the works forever? My first response: Absolutely not, she’s too short! And yet…

Technology is getting so complicated lately. I say for the live-action movie, Warners needs to hire a zany digital effects crew that will be responsible for increasing the SCALE of Felicity so that she’s taller – and generally larger — than everyone else in any given shot. She’s so naturally tiny that this could work. She’d only look slightly gargantuan, which is exactly how Wonder Woman should look! Who’s with me?

addCredit(“Keri Russell and Wonder Woman: Everett Collection”)