CBS’ impending new reality-TV slate may have made Mandi die inside, but another of the network’s mid-strike decisions is a good one: CBS will air episodes of Showtime’s Dexter (pictured) beginning Feb. 17. And thats not the only cable-to-broadcast move brought upon by the current dearth of scripted series. NBC plans to air full seasons of USA’s Monk and Psych starting March 2, and studios are shopping other cable series, like The Closer, Nip/Tuck, and Mad Men for placement on major network TV.

Though it kind pains me to imagine a heavily edited version of Dexter, sans blood/gore and everyone’s favorite aspect of premium channel series — the swearing! — I’m all for the cable shows getting the chance to find larger audiences on network TV. I guess this sounds lazy, but when I page through my DVR listings for the week, I rarely depart the “Channels 2-10” region unless I’ve made a specific note to do so. I’ve missed most episodes of plenty of great cable series this way. What about you? Will having small-time cable shows on the major nets make you more likely to watch them? Or would you rather have these shows stay put in all their unedited glory?