The ballroom of the 65th Annual Golden Globes is packed tonight – just not with the people we want to see. Hundreds of electronic and print reporters from around the world have converged on the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills to cover tonight’s press conference. Devoid of anything to report on before the announcements, some reporters turned to each other for comment. Hattie Kauffman, an L.A. based reporter for CBS News, found herself being interviewed by a South Korean video team that asked “What’s going on?” Kauffman made a joke about how reporters are now filling seats that Jack Nicholson might have occupied had the awards gone on as planned tonight. In the meantime, a crew of below-the-line workers were getting plenty of airtime because they decided to picket the press conference. About six women shouted things like “Let us go back to work!” and

flashed homemade signs that read “We work below the line to keep WGA

and SAG above the line.” As promised, the Writers Guild of America steered clear of the hotel, though cops were standing by for crowd control, just in case.